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Just loved this picture and wanted to share it.

Our native hedgehogs are in decline and need our help more than ever.  Thankfully, there are dedicated rescues all over the country who are doing just that.

Simply Exotic Hedgehogs are proud to be fundraising for Tamworth Bird & Hedgehog Rescue and we attend several School Fetes and Functions - if you know of a local school that would be happy to invite us, then please let us know.


Meet Donut and Pretzel



Donut and Pretzel were the first two wildies that I fostered until they reached the correct weight for release.

In order to learn more about our wild hedgehogs, I attended the Hedgehog Basic First Aid, Care and Rehabilitation Course held at Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.



Meet Pig Pig

 Pig Pig arrived late 2017 and was very underweight at 400grams, full of internal parasites and displaying behavioural problems.

 Medication took care of the internal parasites but it became clear that he had no vision and was blind.  

Once he had reached 650 grams he was released into an enclosed supported garden but he didn't settle and he constantly circled and became very stressed so he came back to me. 

Several adjustments were made to his living quarters, he has a ground level hutch which he can access freely, a padded sleeping pouch as he didn't settle at all with a nest box and hay, he also has a box shelter he can use and he navigates happily as he pleases throughout the day and night.

He is now 1050 grams and although blind, he is happy and healthy and enjoys his life