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Just loved this picture and wanted to share it.

Our native hedgehogs are in decline and need our help more than ever.  Thankfully, there are dedicated rescues all over the country who are doing just that.

Simply Exotic Hedgehogs are proud to be fundraising for Tamworth Bird & Hedgehog Rescue and we attend several School Fetes and Functions - if you know of a local school that would be happy to invite us, then please let us know.


Meet Donut and Pretzel



Donut and Pretzel were the first two wildies that I fostered until they reached the correct weight for release.

In order to learn more about our wild hedgehogs, I attended the Hedgehog Basic First Aid, Care and Rehabilitation Course held at Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.



Petal was found late September 2015, wandering the roads and by herself and covered in tiny ticks.  She was taken to see Patrick my vet and medication was issued to take care of internal parasites and also the ticks.  

She was here for the Winter as with being an Autumn Juvenile she would not survive hibernation.  She was set up in her new winter home indoors and fed a mixture of cat biscuits and poultry flavoured cat meat in jelly.

She was released earlier this year weighing an impressive 1 Kg 


Lottie was found alone near her nest after her mother was poisoned.  She weighed under 100 grams and her teeth had not yet come through.  She was syringe fed Royal Canin Puppy Formula until evidence of her teeth appeared and then she was weaned onto "slop" which was gradually replaced with poultry flavoured cat meat in jelly and cat biscuits.

 She is currently waiting for a dry night to be released into our release site and weighs 650 grams - she is as huffy as they come and it has been an experience I have enjoyed every moment of.