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Just loved this picture and wanted to share it.

Our native hedgehogs are in decline and need our help more than ever.  Thankfully, there are dedicated rescues all over the country who are doing just that.

Simply Exotic Hedgehogs are proud to be fundraising for Tamworth Bird & Hedgehog Rescue and we attend several School Fetes and Functions - if you know of a local school that would be happy to invite us, then please let us know.


Meet Donut and Pretzel



Donut and Pretzel were the first two wildies that I fostered until they reached the correct weight for release.

In order to learn more about our wild hedgehogs, I attended the Hedgehog Basic First Aid, Care and Rehabilitation Course held at Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.


At the moment I have eight hoglets who arrived weighing between 40 and 75 grams.

 The hot weather is showing a greater number of hoglets been abandoned by their mum's as they are struggling to find enough food and water to feed themselves. 

 The ones that make to a rescue are the lucky ones and then it is not guaranteed that they will survive - the last one I collected was full of flystrike, fleas and newly hatched maggots which were swimming in his eyes.  After initial treatment on arrival he went over to his foster mum Caz who has checked him on a regular basis but between us we have got him clear.