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Code of Ethics

Responsible breeders do not breed unless they are convinced that their knowledge, experience, and devotion to their hedgehogs will result in a mating that will produce an exceptional litter of babies, with qualities that are as near as possible to the ideal for hedgehogs.

They breed to preserve and to enhance the characteristics that make their hedgehogs unique. They breed to improve health, longevity and exceptional personalities.

My female hedgehogs will be bred twice a year  and only if I am sure I can find appropriate homes for my baby hedgehogs. I will place babies in homes that I believe will provide a lifelong commitment of love, care and appreciation, including adequate vet care.

Any hedgehog sold will be sold under the following conditions:

1. Breeder guarantees that the hedgehog is in good health and condition at the time of sale.

2. Breeder will encourage the new owner to have the hedgehog examined by their own vet within a few days of purchase to ensure good condition and health. Breeder will include names of vets in the area that will see and assist in the treatment of hedgehogs.

 3. Breeder will inform the new owner of possible inherent health issues known to affect hedgehogs.
4.Breeder will provide registration form and/or pedigree information to the new owner.

5. Breeder will encourage the new owner to contact them with questions regarding their new hedgehog, and breeder agrees to respond in a timely manner. Breeder will provide their phone number and e-mail for questions and follow up support.

. Breeder will give a supply of food with each baby sold, with instructions how to feed and how to change foods if desired.

7. Breeder agrees to take the baby back should they need to find a home for the hedgie; breeder will emphasize to the new owner that the breeder is to be contacted first to provide a new home.

Our main aim is to breed healthy hoglets with good temperaments.

Home visits are welcomed and encouraged and can be arranged by appointment.


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